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    Get the perfect domains for 301s, PBNs, and money sites.

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    Relevance, power, and authority from healthy link profiles.

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    Buy domains with links from authority sites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffington Post.

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Aged Domains and You

Uses, Safety, and Prerequisites

How to Use?

Our Aged Domains are indexed and ready to go. They are great for 301s, starting new money sites, turning into PBNs, and more. The choice is yours!

White Hat

Buying aged domains with powerful backlink profiles is 100% white-hat and safe to use in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Site Health

There aren’t any prerequisites to worry about when buying aged domains. They are indexed and ready to go no matter what you choose to do with them.

Powerful Domains with Quality Link Profiles

Finding quality aged domains is one of the harder skills to aquire in SEO. Our domain hunting experts are highly trained on what makes an aged domain a powerful tool. They sift through thousands of auction domains to bring you the cream of thet crop with the best authority, power, and relevance. No matter what you use our domains for, you’ll be satisfied with the best aged domains for sale out there.

Non-Dropped, Aged Domains for Every Use

Regardless of your niche, budget constraints, and specific needs, our aged domains are up to the task. These domains work great for 301 redirects, building new money sites, turning into PBNs, and whatever else you can think of. And with prices as low as 50 cents per RD, you know you’re getting an incredible deal on these premium domains with preexisting links.

Buying Aged Domains is Easy!

Get the best indexed domains with age (and links) to help you rank.

Buying Aged Domains Made Simple

Finding just the right aged domains for your project can be near impossible without the right experience and know-how. With our aged domains service, we take care of not only sourcing the domains, but getting them in your hands. After you’ve paid for a domain, a customer service rep will guide you through the easy process of getting the domains in your registrar account.

How it Works?

Our simple, hassle-free process

Browse and Buy

Download the domain listings Excel file for our current Aged Domains selection. When you find the perfect domains, fill out the order form below.

Domain Transfer

Once you’ve made a payment for your domains, a customer service rep will guide you through the steps to get the domains into your accounts.

That's It!

The domains are now yours! They are already indexed and ready to go, so now you just have to decide how you’ll be using them to dominate!

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Get the Perfect Aged Domains for You

Domains Sourced with our Experience and Your Needs and Goals in Mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to buy aged domains?

It may take up to 24 hours to get a response. After you pay, we check to make sure the domains are still in inventory. After that, we will send a Paypal invoice to the email address provided. May take longer on the weekends!

Do you provide hosting for the domains?

No, we don’t provide hosting at this time.

Can I get the domains in any registrar?

To speed the whole process up, we only transfer domains into accounts on the current registrar they are held on unless they provide codes to transfer anywhere. We will walk you through the steps of setting up any free accounts you may need.

After I buy aged domains, can you build them into PBNs?

We sure can! After you’ve payed and we’ve transferred the domain to you, you will need to get it hosted. Then, you can put in for a PBN build order here.

What is your refund policy?

Once the domains have been pushed to your registrars, all sales are final.

How long will it take me to rank?

There are way too many factors at play here to answer this question for you. You will still need to be proactive with other things like on-page, technical SEO, backlinks, and much more after you buy aged domains.

What metrics do you search for domains by?

There are a ton of things we look at when finding aged domains for you. Aged domain backlink profile should have a mix of authority, power, and relevance. Once we’ve determined a backlink profile to be high-quality, RD (referring domains) is an important metric to determine value. We have a method of finding amazing aged domains that has worked very well for us and our clients over the years!