EDU Post

EDU Post the Power to Push Your Website to The Top!

EDU Post the Power to Push Your Website to The Top!

“Edu Post” is considered to be one of the most authentic backlinks by Google. Once these links are indexed by Google, they can help boost your website’s rankings almost overnight. Backlinks are rare and getting them can increase your trust rank in the eyes of Google.

If you want to rank for competitive keywords, consider purchasing links on EDU websites as Google favors them.

Edu posts come from educational & government institutional websites. Because these informative websites are managed and monitored by professionals, Backlinks from these websites are more meaningful in Google’s eyes than Backlinks from websites managed by individuals.

Edu Post

We Do Not use any automated software to insert your links, all Backlinks are created manually.

We will create an Edu post. Our service is designed for a large increase in rankings for your website. Google and other search engines put a lot of weight on Edu Post and with our service, we offer you both. You will receive a mixture of Edu Post all with your anchor text.

On what sites are the Backlinks made? – We create posts with anchors and URLs linking back to your website on Edu Url redirect and provide you a full report with URLs to live blog posts.

Our Packages

  • Basic
  • $50
  • 1 EDU Backlink
  • 1 URL & 5 Keywords
  • Standard
  • $100
  • 2 EDU Backlinks
  • 2 URL & 10 Keywords
  • Standard
  • $225
  • 5 EDU Backlinks
  • 5 URL & 25 Keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of your service?
We are providing EDU post for just $50.
How do I pay?
You can pay with USDT and PayPal.
What is your refund policy?
There will be no refund after this order is final.
What do I need From You?
We need 1 URL & upto 5 Keywords.