Wikipedia Backlinks

Get Link Insertions into Existing Articles on Real Sites

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    Gain a Wikipedia link to send link authority to your website.

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    When visitors click your links from Wikipedia, you get free referral traffic that converts!

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    Sites mentioned in Wikipedia are seen as more trustworthy by prospective visitors and clients.

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Sought-After, Precious Backlinks

Wikipedia backlinks are some of the most-sought after sources of backlinks and can help your website in a number of ways. It tells Google and the search engines that your brand is credible, trusted and can help you significantly improve your website rankings.
When customers find this, it instantly builds trust and your reputation.

Boost Trust and Naturalness

Increase Your Online Exposure & Grow Your Following with Authoritative Brand-Building Wikipedia Backlinks.

We Handle Everything for You

There is a science to securing Wikipedia backlinks. The information is factual, non-promotional and never appears spammy or contrived. Fortunately, our veteran team will handle everything for you, choosing what page to post your link in and crafting factual, non-promotional message into the content to ensure it lasts.
All we need is your website link and we will handle the rest.

100% Link Replacement Guarantee

A guarantee is extremely rare for any website, least of all Wikipedia. We're so confident we can secure genuine placement for your website, we can offer you a full 2 month link replacement guarantee. If the backlink is taken down, we will replace it free of charge.
In short: You're in the safest hands to secure Wikipedia backlinks.

How it Works?

Our simple, hassle-free process

Place Your Order

Make payment and provide us with your website Url and any specific pages you would like to target.

Placement Campaign Begins

Our veteran Wikipedia Editors will begin finding the best pages for your backlinks.

Final Report & Completion

Once the placement is successful, you'll receive a final report.

Wikipedia Backlink Packages

Our Wikipedia Backlinks will secure you rare, priceless placement on one of the world's
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  • Wiki Bronze
  • $79
  • 1 x Premium Wikipedia Backlink
  • 60 Days Stability Warranty
  • Wiki Silver
  • $158
  • 2 x Premium Wikipedia Backlink
  • 60 Days Stability Warranty
  • Wiki Gold
  • $237
  • 3 x Premium Wikipedia Backlink
  • 60 Days Stability Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Wikipedia backlinks are some of the most sought after backlinks available. By securing these backlinks, you are increasing your reputation and credibility while signalling to Google your website is trustworthy.

What is the estimated turn around time?

Our turn around time is very quick, usually within 10 days to ensure backlink remains. If we need longer we’ll let you know.

Is there a guarantee?

Although Wikipedia is highly regulated, we guarantee your link will be live for at least 60 Days or we’ll replace it free of charge.