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Grow your Private Blog Network with our PBN Building Service

  • Footprint-Free PBNs Built For You

    Years of experience and testing have refined our methods.

  • Unique, Handwritten Content

    1,000 Words of Unique Content – No spun content here.

  • 5 Rebuilt or Redirected URLs

    Rebuild or Redirect your 5 strongest pages, or add on more.

  • Unique Designs and Themes

    Our PBN builds look like real sites and are able to pass inspection.

PBN Setups and You

Uses, Safety, and Prerequisites

How to Use?

Our PBN Setups are for SEOs who understand the power of PBNs and want to have their own blog network rather than buying or renting PBN links.

White Hat

Although our PBN Setups are footprint free, safe, and white hat before linking, they violate Google’s TOS once you start using them to link to other sites.

Site Health

When you are linking to sites with your PBN, you should be following best-practices to remain safe. PBNs are an advanced linking tactic.

Diverse PBN Website Builds

Each of our PBN website builds is built so that it’s diverse and unique from every angle. This results in the sites blending in and looking like a legitimate websites. Features like unique content, quality themes, diverse plugins, and various settings, tweaks, and optimizations ensure our PBN builds are secure and ready to start passing that link juice safely – all that’s left is how you use it.

PBN Power Without Buying or Renting Links

Our veteran PBN site creators rebuild or redirect the top five most powerful pages of your site to harness the power of the existing link profile of your domain and pass as much of its original power as possible. If your domain has lots of strong pages with links going to them, we can rebuild more of them for an additional cost. We don’t let any power go to waste with our premium PBN website builds.

PBN Sites Built for You

Our PBN building service puts the power safely in your hands.

Our Experience in a Safe Package

Don’t have experience building PBNs yourself or just looking for a way to scale your network without your own team or time? We’ve got you covered. Our PBN builds are the complete package including a custom logo, high quality stock images and videos, banner placements, and 1,000 words of unique content. With plenty of addons available, you can be sure you will get your domains built into the PBN sites you’ve always wanted.

How it Works?

Our simple, hassle-free process

Place Your Order

Place your order, select your add-ons. You will just need to give us some basic info like your WordPress login information, niche, URLs to rebuild, etc.

We Build the PBN

Our experienced PBN builders design and build your PBN according to your needs and specifications. Turn around time is usually less than two weeks.

Start Linking!

That’s it! Your PBN is done and ready for you to start adding links to whatever targets you desire. A full report is sent upon completion of our work.

A PBN Setup Service You can Afford

Get your PBN websites set up safely and properly and ready to rock.

  • PBN Site Build
  • $39
  • * You Must Provide Domain
  • 1,000 Words Unique Content
  • 5 Rebuilt or Redirected Pages
  • Natural, Footprint Free, User Friendly
  • Premium Themes and Plugins
  • Custom Logo and Design
  • Don’t Have a Domain?
  • $*
  • 100’s of Premium Domains to Choose From
  • The Metrics that Matter
  • Background Checked and Safe
  • Quality Backlink Profiles
  • Almost Every Niche Imaginable
  • Submit Custom Requests

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these themes and plugins paid for?

We build on a plethora of themes and plugins. We do not include license keys for a majority of these themes and plugins, but it will not inhibit the way your PBN works in any way. 

Is it possible to have more than 5 pages built with your PBN Setup Service?

Yes, there are extras available such as additional pages and content upon checkout.

Do you provide PBN management services?

No, we don’t at this time. You will need to take care of hosting and all of the back-end yourself. If you need more information on these topics, you can send us an email and we can point you in the right direction.

How long does your private blog network building service take?

It typically takes us about two weeks from when your order is placed if we are building your domain into a PBN.

If we are hunting the domains for you as well, the process can take up to 4 weeks depending on the size of your order.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

How long will it take me to rank?

We can’t answer this for you. There are too many factors to consider like your on-page, other backlinks, competition, niche, and much more.

If you need more help with link building, you can look into our Managed Link Building program.