PBN Requirements


You must read and and make sure that your site and order meets our requirements before placing an order for PBN links.

They are in place to ensure the safety of our network as well as the sites it links to.

If your site is found to be in violation of our requirements, you WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, and your links WILL NOT BE PLACED.

Our Requirements for Your Site and Order:

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  • Your site MUST be at least 4 months old according to whois.com.
  • Your site MUST look real and serve a purpose. We don’t accept sites with zero or horrible design.
  • Your site MUST have quality content.  We don’t accept splash pages, sites with horrible content, or spammy sites in general.
  • Your site MUST have a healthy link profile. It must have at least 30 referring domains according to Ahrefs and must have a healthy mix of things like pillow links (foundational links), guest posts, etc. Your site shouldn’t have GSA links, low-quality PBN links, etc.
  • Your site MUST currently have some keywords and traffic. Your site should currently be showing some organic keywords and traffic in Ahrefs.
  • Your site MUST NOT be taking a hard dive in Ahrefs.  If your site is losing massive amounts of keywords and traffic, it isn’t healthy and we can’t accept it at this time.
  • Your site MUST NOT have links from more than 20 domains on our PBN network. This number will increase as our network grows.
  • Your inner-page MUST NOT have more than 5 links from our network. This number will increase as our network grows.
  • You MUST know what you are doing. You must have some knowledge of PBN use, choosing anchors, and linking safely. Spammy orders and “Hail Mary” attempts will not be tolerated.
  • You MUST NOT be in a bad neighborhood niche. This includes things like payday loans, gambling, pharma, and escorts. Please email us if you are unsure.

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